Check The Specifications Of Industrial Cooling Fans Before You Buy

June 7, 2022 0 Comments

Not all industrial cooling fans are the same so it is important to check the specifications before you buy to make sure you get the best one for your specific requirements.

The first thing to measure is the size of the space you need the fan to work in. If it is a large area you need to consider how many fans you will need. Can you get away with one large one? Or would a number of smaller slim line models work better? While it is important to get the air quality and temperature right in your building you don’t want the fans taking up valuable real estate.

How powerful do the fans need to engine cooling fans suppliers be? They come in different motor sizes so you should be able to find the right model for your requirements. If you are not sure ask the fan manufacturer or their recommended installation experts to come out and survey your property. They can then give you specific advice on selecting the right industrial cooling fans for your business. If they are reluctant to help you might want to choose another provider as poor customer service before the sale is generally an indication of what you can expect after you have bought the goods.

When looking at the various fans on the market check the air velocity and distance of travel. This will enable you to compare like with like. Also look at the warranty on parts and labor as well as the servicing agreement. Read all the fine print before you sign the paperwork and part with your cash.

Do you need fixed or portable fans? If your business operates out of rented premises your landlord may split the cost of installing industrial cooling fans with you. It doesn’t hurt to ask. If he says no you can always look into the cost of hiring this equipment rather than buying it outright.