Do You Have List? You Need One to Fill a Stadium Consistently in This Crowded Market

May 27, 2022 0 Comments

Have you come into contact with mail order business like Home Choice? The first thing they do is to take details about you, the most important being your address and telephone number. Before the month ends a glossy magazine is dispatched to you. They continue relating to you unfailingly sometimes twice a month until you opt out. That list is more valuable than the cars, the buildings anything they have. It is the very basis of their survival. It is the life blood of their business. It is a list of the willing.

Look at the internet business? Have you ever wondered why they require you to register before doing business with them? One of the critical reason is that they do not see you as a once off customer. They want you as a repeat customer. They will offer you all kinds of goodies in return for your details and permission to interact with you. The internet business like the mail order do not have an opportunity to meet you personally so their success revolves around that powerful list and how they create a glue like bond with you. They do this by offering all kind of information that you can hardly ever find elsewhere. Once in a while they throw in a sells pitch but only and only after creating a bond with you. Their marketing focus is not on scatter and pray, it is focussed on the willing.

But is a list relevant to your football team bearing in mind that football is the most popular game? How many times have you gone to a stadium because of a general football advert? Football fans are never neutral. And football is about repeat customers like the internet and mail order businesses. It is either this team or the other. And this loyalty is not transferable. Because of this none transferable loyalty why would you team then waste resources advertising to the general public? Football lovers who do not support your team will never be lured by your adverts and marketing overtures. And if they come, they are there to support the opposing team! And for heaven sake they are not coming because of your adverts.

A mailing list is therefore a very useful instrument in a ufabetมือถือ kit of any person trying to fill a stadium in a crowded market full off distractions. A list of the converted. These are the people who will be receptive to your communication. These are people you should work on, on a one to one basis to raise their level of loyalty and the technology is there that makes this extremely easy. All you have to do is to send them those pieces of information they can not get elsewhere or before it gets to the media. This is what makes them feel respected, loved and like part of your football club family. They respond by being extremely loyal to your team and not even a slump in form will send them away. When the chips are down you need to fill a stadium, you will have a list of receptive people. They will not let you down. This is the list that you should grow.