Fantasy Football 2009 – Drafting Kickers and Defense

May 19, 2022 0 Comments

The NFL season is looming as Fantasy owners should start preparing for their drafts now. Just like every fantasy sport, the draft is critical in determining right off the bat whether you will be success or not during the year. A strong draft usually correlated to a strong season. Here kickers and defenses are looked at and here are a few tips on how to draft both to optimize your team.


The best advice for drafting a kicker: do not draft them early or if you are in an auction league, do not spend more than a buck on a kicker. Kickers carry little influence in the fantasy world and when the season is completed, most of them carry very similar stats and thus a higher draft position for one player over another is not warranted. Some leagues use formats that reward longer field goals, such as 4 points for 40 yard kicks and 5 points for 50 yard kicks, so some owners think this means they ราคาบอลสเต็ป ufabet should go after the guy that plays on a team that has an offense that sputters. This strategy may pay off a couple times, but as far as the kicker goes, a kicker on a good team that scores a lot and he accumulate many extra points will end up having similar overall stats to a kicker that hits a fifty yard once every four games. The other thing with kickers is that there is a huge amount of variance/variables with them as well as a slim degree of separation between the players in the category. Save yourself some time and snag a guy that kicks and is usually accurate. A guy like Bironas carries more value because of his accuracy, but even he does not stick out from the pack enough to warrant any consideration earlier in the draft or any bid more than a dollar or two.


Picking a defense often times feels like a luck of the draw selection. The Green Bay Packers scored the most defensive touchdowns with 7, which earned them a lot of praise as being a solid fantasy choice at defense. However, they really are not that spectacular of a choice as they allowed 23.8 points a game, which is in the bottom half of all NFL teams (The Steelers were the best at 13.9 points per game). In a 10 team league, picking a defense should not be tricky. You want one that does not get blown out each week and has the potential to cause a few fumbles and picks. Last season there were 9 defenses that allowed under 20 points per game on average, 7 defenses that intercepted the ball 20 times or more, and 8 teams that sacked the other team’s QB more than 40 times. The point is that in 10 or 12 man leagues, the defenses all line up the same by the end of the year so don’t spend much on a defense or draft one ridiculously high. I was witness to the Pittsburgh Steelers b