Hut…Hut…Like it’s Game Time – The NFL Football is Coming to Your Party!

April 29, 2022 0 Comments

“With 32 teams spread throughout the nation, the NFL is everywhere. Founded in 1920, this relative newcomer is now the most watched professional sport in America. So gather some snacks, call your friends and sit back to watch the spectacle unfold on the gridiron. To keep even the most casual fan entertained, try adding these NFL themed games to your party.

Football Square Off

This fun football game is sure to keep everyone mindful of the score no matter which teams are playing. Before your guests’ arrival, draw a ten by ten grid on a large piece of pasteboard or paper. As your guests arrive, have them select one of the one hundred squares and write their name or initials in that square. If necessary to fill the one hundred squares, each guest may fill in more than one square. When the grid is full, randomly assign numbers zero through nine at the top of the columns and to the left of the rows. At the top, write “Home.” Write “Away” to the left of the rows. At the end of each quarter, a winner will be determined. To do this, take the last digit of the home team’s score. This is the winning column. The last digit of the visiting team’s score is the winning row. Where the winning row and column meet is ทางเข้า ufabet the winner for that quarter! Have some football themed party favors or gifts on hand to give to your winner. For more fun, consider a silly team hat or shirt to wear until the next winner is selected. To spice things up, consider setting a timer to determine winners rather than at the end of quarters so that guests are not aware of when the next selection will be!

Find a Seat!

This fun, football inspired game can be played even while the big football game is still on! Seat your guests in straight rows in front of the television to watch the game. Now have your guests stand up. As long as the ball is not in play, they should move to their right towards the end of their row. When they reach the end of their row, they must run around to the left end of the row behind them. The person exiting the right end of the last row must then move to the left end of the front row. However, as good fans, they must be in their seats when the ball is snapped. When the ball is down again, they must get up and continue moving. This time, remove one of the seats. When the ball is snapped, one fan is left without a seat and “thrown out of the stadium.” The game continues until only one fan is seated in front of the big game.