LCD TVs Dual Personality – Experience This Amazing LCD Feature!

April 24, 2022 0 Comments

There is danger of burn-in in plasma televisions. This is a fact that cannot be denied. This is, however, not present in LCD TVs. In fact, you can also use the latter as a video monitor. It provides a clear and cool picture; hence, it is good for computer or video games. The fact that an LCD TV is very much versatile is factor why consumers get attracted over the same. There are several tips that will aid you in discovering its use as a video monitor. Surely, you will not deny that it is indeed a great television technology.

In reality, LCD screens were basically used for computer monitors. And because LCD computer screens attained an amazing success, bigger screens to be used as television sets started to develop. These screens are basically similar in a lot of aspects. However, in order to become a proper contender of plasma TVs, it was further developed during the previous years into a television which provides higher quality pictures.

Let me give an advice. If your intention on buying an LCD is to use it merely as a computer monitor, you might as well purchase an LCD monitor. If you insist the other way around, your money will surely be spent in TV inputs, a tuner, and the other unnecessary television TCL Smart TV features. In contrast, if what you desire is to use your LCD screen for playing games, a large 30 inch TV screen would be more appropriate for you, most especially when you want something to brag off to your gaming friends.

First thing you must know on learning how to make use of your LCD Television as a video monitor is to assure yourself that you have bought the right television. So that you could change your TV viewing into a monitor to be used for computer or games, your television must have a VGA or probably other choices to be used for connecting the TV to a gaming system or a PC. If such is not possible, you might get very dissatisfied.

Another assurance that you must do is that your computer should be close to your LCD Television unless you would rather prefer running cables and wires all throughout your house just to accommodate your usage of the computer. In addition, the distance between your TV and your computer must be close enough so that your monitor view is just levelheaded while you are using your computer. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who desires to make use of their LCD screen as their computer monito