The Importance Of Calibrating Your Sound Level Meter

May 23, 2022 0 Comments

Does your workplace makes use of one or more sound level meters to ensure that its employees and the generally public are not exposed to excessive levels of noise that could cause temporary or even permanent hearing damage? If the answer was yes, can you recall the last time that any one of the devices was calibrated? Making sure that your meters are regularly calibrated is an essential part of their maintenance for a number of reasons that are outlined below:

Why should you calibrate your meters?

Making sure that your devices are regularly calibrated provides you with a number of benefits:

• Evidence of how well the device performs; you can compare the results with those in the future to gauge whether it needs to be replaced or not.

• Peace of mind that the device is working correctly the next time you use it to take a measurement.

• Awareness of any changes or alterations that have been made to the device that could affect its accuracy.

When should you calibrate your meters?

Most manufacturers will recommend that you only calibrate your sound level meters before use, as, if the device has been damaged in some way, any measurements you receive will be a waste of time. It is also recommended that you calibrate new meters the moment you receive them to ensure that you have not been sent a faulty device.

How often should you calibrate your meters?

Basically, this is up to you. Manufacturers recommend that devices that aren’t used all that often receive a yearly calibration, whilst those that are used on almost a daily basis should be calibrated monthly. There are also a number of other considerations that you should take into account, such as:

• The cost of correction measures should geluidsmeting laten uitvoeren you discover that the meter has not been working properly for a long period of time.

• The trending data that was obtained during previous calibrations, taking into account wear and ‘drift’ (the decrease of performance).

• The climatic conditions that the meter is exposed to, including vibration, ionizing radiation and even weathering.

If your sound level meters are not working properly, you may take inaccurate measurements of your workplace without even realizing it. This could lead to a belief that your workplace complies with the various noise regulations in place, when in actual fact your employees and visitors are being exposed to excessive sound that could be causing serious hearing damage. To prevent this, be sure to calibrate your devices regularly.